Steps to Prep

Mission Journeys are hard work and sometimes getting prepared for one can be just as overwhelming! Use this simple step-by-step guide to walk you through everything you need to do between now and when you leave. 

1. General Training – Dates TBD (8-12 weeks)

2. ApplicationClick here to fill out the application (8 Weeks)

3. Fundraising Letter and List of names for approval – email to Karla Dugger (8 weeks)

4. 15% Deposit Due (8 Weeks)

5. Releases and Medical formClick here to download forms (6 weeks)

6. Passport color copy upload – email to Karla Dugger (6 weeks)

7. Prayer Partners – email to Karla Dugger (6 weeks)

8. 35% of total raised or paid (6 weeks)

9. Spiritual GiftsClick here to take Spiritual Gifts Assesment (4 weeks)

10. Child Protection VideoClick here to watch Video (4 weeks)

11. 75% of total raised or paid (4 weeks)

12. 100% raised or paid Final Payment due (2 weeks)