The Cross Church people and ministry team have always been passionate about having a gospel impact locally, regionally, nationally, and globally – for that I am so thankful. Cross Church has long been a faith family that exudes a willingness to give, serve, and go! Praise God! I want to challenge each of you to take another step with me, another step toward reaching Northwest Arkansas, Southwest Missouri, America, and the World for Jesus Christ. Join Jeana and me in giving towards a new missional vision – a vision to raise $600,000 in the next year to further build-up Cross Church’s missional efforts. Thank you for your generous, steadfast giving in the name of Jesus Christ.

One-Time Giving    Recurring Giving with Bank Account    Recurring Giving with Debit/Credit Card


Cross Church School of Ministry

The Cross Church School of Ministry prepares leaders for life, ministry, and the Gospel advancement globally.  Our one-year ministry residency trains the next generation of leaders, church planters, and missionaries.


Church Planting and Missionary Support

Each year we partner to plant new gospel centered, Great Commission churches in strategic 
cities across the globe. This offering will equip us to further the efforts of our church planting in America and around the world; from Seattle, to New York City, and even to Malawi Africa. Through this years offering we are helping to sustain and support ten brand new church plants as they share the good news of Jesus Christ to major unreached cities. Additionally this will assist thousands of missionaries globally in some of the hardest to reach areas of the world.


Our Community

We also utilize the Reaching Our Mission offering to help FEED our community through our Blessing Basket ministries and the Feed the 479 ministry.


New Gospel Opportunities in Northwest Arkansas

This past year the Lord has been faithful to provide Cross Church with a wide variety of ministry opportunities across our region. We are prayerful that He will do the same over the next year, advancing our vision to equip, evangelize, disciple, and reach people around Northwest Arkansas, Southwest Missouri, America, and the World for Jesus Christ. We must always be ready to answer God’s call to help others in any way we can. The One Million More for Missions vision will allow our ministry the opportunity to take on new projects, support those in need, and grow our Gospel impact.

How can you join us in Reaching Our Mission?

Step #1

Understand our number one goal and priority is funding our Ministry Budget for this year. Our belief is that God has called us to honor Him with at least the first-tenth of our income. Therefore, insure you are faithfully doing this. The annual Ministry Budget funds every element of our ministry; including what we do for missions globally.

Step #2

Once we honor the Lord with the first-tenth of all our income through tithes to the Ministry Budget, we then want to challenge each of you to join us in giving something additional toward our REACHING OUR MISSION fund. Starting on May 1, we’ll be working to raise one million more for missions.

Step #3

If you give with a check and use an offering envelope, the first tenth or more of your income goes to the line that says “Ministry Budget.” If you are joining us in the REACHING OUR MISSION program, please allocate that amount on the line that says REACHING OUR MISSION. The above information also applies to automated giving. Click here to easily and securely set-up recurring giving.