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A community of Young Married Adults in their 20’s and early 30’s who meet together in small groups during the week across NWA for Bible study and community. If you are wanting authentic community, grow in God’s word, and walk alongside other young adults figuring out marriage together, this is your place! We can’t wait to connect with you!

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Peer led, conversational Bible study and community for young marrieds in their 20’s and early 30’s.


“Our first Sunday at Cross Church was just four days after we moved from New Jersey to Bentonville. We had never even visited Arkansas and had a lot to do and explore but finding a Christ-centered and outreach-focused church was a top priority. The one with the three, beautiful crosses seemed like a good place to start. We showed up on that icy Sunday, which the pastor kept making jokes about nobody coming, but to us just coming from a New Jersey winter, this was just another day! We enjoyed the service and we’re heading out when Jeremy and Carly caught up with us to introduce themselves. We were surprised and delighted that in this large sanctuary someone recognized we were new and sought us out. They told us about the Young Adults Ministry and invited us to a small group that week. We were overjoyed to hear about the thriving YA ministry but were hesitant to commit to a church, nonetheless a small group our very first week! We politely exchanged phone numbers and told him we would be in touch. Over the next few weeks, we visited some other churches but had yet to make any friends or feel settled in. We were getting a little lonely. So on a Tuesday night, we texted Jeremy that we’d be interesting in trying a small group. He was ecstatic and gave us an address for Wednesday evening’s group. We nervously showed up at a stranger’s house and were warmly greeted by several other couples. We were nervous these people had known each other and had been meeting for many months if not years already. Why would they want us here? We’re probably imposing, we thought. But they genuinely wanted to get to know us. We quickly noticed and appreciated how vulnerable they were with each other and how commited to supporting each other’s walk with the Lord. We were surprised to find out they had only been meeting about six months as they seemed so authentic and familiar with each other. They warmly welcomed us in. We left that night feeling overjoyed that we made some acquaintances and were excited to attend Cross Church again that Sunday and sit with them. After a few weeks, we were confident that this would be our church home and that these were our friends. We excitedly took the next steps to become members so we could volunteer and get involved as much as possible. This is also included being baptized as neither of us had done so by immersion. On a warm July morning we were baptized by Jeremy with our small group there cheering us on. It’s such a sweet memory! Since then, so many more memories have been made with our small group and church family. Our friendship goes beyond Wednesday nights and Sunday mornings as we do life together. We are so grateful that the Lord led us to NWA and to those beautiful crosses!”
Jeehoon and Kelly

Jeehoon and Kelly

Young Married Staff

Young Adult Pastor | Pinnacle Hills

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Sundays 9:30 & 11 AM