Cross Kids is an incredible place to serve. There are many opportunities that are waiting just for you! Let us guide you through the process. In determining the best Dream Team position, you need to determine what age group you want to work with, what role you want to serve, and what service you’re available to serve. See below.

Age Group

How old are the kids that you want to work with? Is there an age that you really enjoy?

  • Younger Elementary
  • Older Elementary


We have a variety of roles that range from behind the scenes to small group opportunities. Listed below are the Dream Team roles within Cross Kids. For a detailed description for each role click here.

  • Elementary Small Group Leader
  • Elementary Large Group Host
  • MVP Technician (Music/Video/Production)
  • Check-In/Greeter Volunteer
  • Admin Volunteer
  • Worship Leader
  • Special Needs Volunteer

If you have any questions, email Melissa Osborne at

Let us know you're interested!

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