Decade of Love | Missionaries

  • Kirk Kellogg
    Washington DC
  • Shane & Chelsea Schauer
    Church Replant | San Diego, CA
  • Seth & Megan Campbell
    Redeemer Queens Park Church | London, UK
  • Emily Gean
  • Kylie Stancliffe
    Grace Intl School | Thailand
  • Stanley Moffat
    International Partner | Malawi
  • Huake Kuzalo
    International Partner | Malawi
  • Bruce Chilijembumba
    International Partner | Malawi
  • Ruddy Carrera
    International Partner | Dominican Republic
  • Jose Carlos & Fabiana
    International Partner | Wenceslaus Braz, Brazil
  • Pastor Eduardo Valdez Cangas
    International Partner | Cuba
  • Pastor Aliosha Martinez
    International Partner | Cuba
  • M*
    South Asia
  • J* and J*
    South Asia
  • Alicia*
    Middle East
  • B* & E*
    West Africa
  • B* & H*
    Central Asia

*Names Concealed for security reasons.

Decade of Love | Church Planters

  • Thomas, Elizabeth, Perry, & Shepherd West
    Redeemer Queens Park Church | London, UK
  • Doug, Dana, Ben, & Adison Hixson
    Connection Church | Longmont, CO
  • JD, Lindsay, Mason, Finn, Asher & Olive Cope
    SoChurch | Orlando, FL

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A look back at all that God has done in 2021 because of your gifts to the Decade of Love.

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Vision Sunday


Obedience to Christ's Commission

Loving the Vulnerable

Loving Pastors & Missionaries




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