We want to begin 2021 by crying out to God together. Join us for 21 Days of Prayer January 1 – 21. We want to commit together to call out to God for 21 consecutive days for our families, our church, and our nation. During this time, you may fast to whatever degree God leads and is appropriate for you. Those who cannot fast from food may choose to fast from social media, television, or something similar. Even if you cannot fast, pray with us. We want everyone to participate in some way. Join us for 21 Days with a great expectancy for God to work in our lives and our church mightily.

Download the 21 Day dEVOTIONAL hERE

Ways you can fast

Through the Bible in a Year

We are encouraging everyone to read through the Bible with us in 2021. Click the link below to download the One-Year Bible Reading Plan.

Download Bible Plan      Download Mobile-Friendly Bible Plan